Feb 4, 2008

Greek Sing

I had a great weekend! Friday night and Saturday morning were very tiring with greek sing practice. Not only do we have to practice our dances over and over and over but we must be very enthusiastic which requires screaming at the top of your lungs during the whole show. So for about 7 minutes straight with 5-10 minute breaks in between.
These pics are L to R: Sunday @ Church and then @ Greek Sing. "The Grant" was jersey poppin' to support Alpha Gam and it was so dark I couldn't see that I had zoomed in on my camera so instead of taking everybody's pic I took Mom's since she was in the middle... but I like it so I put this pic of her instead of the group pic! haha I'm sure she'll love it :)
I met up with Mom, Dad, Brooke, Chad, Dawson, Isaiah, & "The Grant" for lunch Saturday afternoon. We went to Texas Roadhouse and then to Graeters for ice cream. I loved my cookies & creme ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone... yum!

That night Mom, Dad, Brooke & "The Grant" came to cheer me on at Greek Sing. Our sorority did great, I was really proud of us! I'll try to post some pics... maybe a video if I figure out how to. Mom recorded it and took more pics but I will have to get those when I am home Valentine's Weekend.

Speaking of going home... I haven't been home since MLK Jr. Day! Which if you know me is a pretty long time! And I still have a week and a half to go! Once I do go home though I will be home two weeks in a row (J & J's Wedding) and then in two weeks it will be Spring Break!

"The Grant" and I have tickets for a Dave Ramsey event at my Lexington Church (Southland) for March 7th. He's a Christian finance guru and talks a lot about how to manage money and to stay out of debt. We figure this will be really helpful since July we're on our own!

Today I have been catching up with some school work and I have some laundry going... I was out of clean socks! I have 2 loads going and probably should do 2 more before class & meeting if I have time. I hate having to do laundry in Lexington. Our apartment doesn't have a washer & dryer in it, but there are 2 of each in our basement. It's kinda dingy down there and it is shared by all 7 apartments in my building and then with about 2 other buildings so you can't get it done at popular times so luckily most people have classes during the day on Monday and I am able to get some done. I usually take my laundry home and do it there. (Mom & Dad help too!)


Leanne said...

Look at you a long post with pictures! I am proud. We are going to have to come and visit before you graduate. We aren't ever invited to these "family" Lexington trips!!!!!! I want to see some of the Greek sing pics.

Glad you had a nice weekend.

brandy said...

Sounds like a busy time! We love Grater's ice cream...it's one of the places we try to eat all the time, since we know it won't be around when we move!


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