Feb 26, 2008

Duluth Trading Challenge

Stud 4 Sure

It’s somewhere in the bottom of your toolbox, buried under all the gear you actually use every day. And when you finally do find your stud finder, what do you discover but, the batteries are dead. Here’s an easier way. Stud 4 Sure uses two incredibly powerful magnets that stick to metal like a cheap suit on a used car salesman. Easily finds metal studs behind drywall – even sticks to screws and nails hidden below drywall so you can locate wooden studs as well. No batteries ever needed and it’ll stick to the top of your metal toolbox so you don’t have to go digging every time you need to find a stud. Made in USA.
This can be purchased online here
Maggie challenged us to find our favorite product description at Duluth Trading. What's yours?


achangedheart said...

how about the "build your own 4 piece women's tool belt"

Maggie said...

THAT is funny!

the grant said...

you found a stud 4 sure. His initials are wgs!

Leanne said...

Oh crap, I think Grant is so silly!


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