Sep 29, 2010

15 Weeks

Vince is 15 weeks old today! That seems like such a big number to me! This week he has been such a good baby! He is hardly ever fussy at night now. This is a great improvement from the weeks on end when he could go from sunshine to rainstorm in an instant. He absolutely loves his hands! He will suck on them and play with them. He holds onto his blankets and toys now. He loves having a blanket to hold onto. This morning when he woke up he was just so happy! I went in to get him and he was holding onto his blanket and holding it. It soothes him so much to have it nearby. And any receiving blanket will do - thank goodness! He is such a fun little boy right now and we love listening to all his talking and noises. He can say "good" very well now. I love you so much Vince and the past 15 weeks have been the very best of my entire life!

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3 Months Old!

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