Jul 20, 2011

Four years ago

Four years ago today, July 20, 2007, I had lunch with my Mammaw Eloise for the last time.  We celebrated her birthday at Catfish Dock, her favorite restaurant.  We are both very cold natured and had our jackets on in the restaurant.  I'd taken mine off for the picture outside.  I'll always remember how cold it was that day!  We laughed about never going anywhere without a jacket.  I would leave for a trip to Florida and receive word six days later that Mammaw had passed away.  The breath was knocked out of me.  It was totally unexpected and I couldn't even breathe when Grant told me.  He and mom had been talking on the phone back and forth that day.  I sensed something was up, and couldn't take it any longer.  Everything went through my head as to whether someone had gotten bad health news or a car accident.  I knew that they wouldn't be calling like this unless it was urgent. 
I've missed Mammaw constantly since she's been gone.  She was such a funny person and very easy going.  I hope I'm a lot like her.  As time goes on the pain isn't as bad, but it shows itself in new ways.  I wish more than anything that she could meet Vince.  Oh, she would just LOVE him.  I'd love to still be able to go over to her house and sit on the sofa to ask her about cooking, growing up, talk about crafting, and UK basketball.  I know she's in the best place of all, heaven.  She's getting to celebrate with Pappaw Fred and Jesus :)

Happy Birthday Mammaw!  I love you.


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