Feb 29, 2008

Job Search

Today I am working on my job search. I've been trying to perfect the resume and get some more cover letters ready. I have done one day of "pounding the pavement" a month or so ago, but those have lead to nothing so far. I am just praying that God will lead me to the right job for me in the right place. There are lots of things uncertain right now so I am also just trying to be patient and see where God leads.

Feb 26, 2008

Duluth Trading Challenge

Stud 4 Sure

It’s somewhere in the bottom of your toolbox, buried under all the gear you actually use every day. And when you finally do find your stud finder, what do you discover but, the batteries are dead. Here’s an easier way. Stud 4 Sure uses two incredibly powerful magnets that stick to metal like a cheap suit on a used car salesman. Easily finds metal studs behind drywall – even sticks to screws and nails hidden below drywall so you can locate wooden studs as well. No batteries ever needed and it’ll stick to the top of your metal toolbox so you don’t have to go digging every time you need to find a stud. Made in USA.
This can be purchased online here
Maggie challenged us to find our favorite product description at Duluth Trading. What's yours?

Feb 25, 2008

Our Day

I am preparing a small presentation as a get-to-know you exercise in my communications class. Everyone is encouraged to showcase a website they like and I figured my blog would show off blogging and show my class a little more about myself. Hello Classmates!

Feb 24, 2008

Wedding Bells

The gentlemen

Friday night my brother Jeremy married Jordan at a small church in Warren County. It was a great start to their new beginning. We all went out to celebrate at Longhorn Steakhouse after. Congratulations!
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Maddie walking down the aisle

Jordan & her dad

Maddie about to hand Jordan her daddy's ring

It's official!

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The new family

The kids loved playing in the church

Dad & Mom

The Grant & I

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Feb 20, 2008

Campus Attack

Please pray for my neighborhood. There was an attack at knife point at a nearby seminary... like maybe a block from my apartment. It is a small quiet street and I hate to hear this so close to home. Pray for my own safety and for the people involved. Thank you!



Relay for Life

Hello Everyone! I am a team captain for Alpha Gamma Delta for the University of Kentucky Relay for Life on March 28th! I am really excited about it :) Our team goal is $2500 which is pretty high and I know there's no way we can reach it without support from our friends and family! I would appreciate SO MUCH if you could go to my Relay page and read about why I will be relaying. I would like to get at least a $10 donation from everyone who visits my site. I know that small donations add up to big money for the American Cancer Society. Please share this information with people who visit your blogs! I am not just doing this to make Alpha Gam reach our goal, but to continue efforts to stop cancer. I hope to keep you updated through my blog on all of our efforts! Just click below for all my info.

Feb 18, 2008

Valentines Day

Dinner Table with roses My card to Grant (the inside had me counting the ways I love him)
Grant made me an "iHeartBritt" card and the inside had pics of us and songs to go with the iPod theme. (Notice the battery life says forever)
He was very creative! I told him I wanted something homemade for Valentines Day and he did great! He also got me some fit flops and chocolate. I got hime "Perfect Pushups"


I fell asleep yesterday afternoon and decided not to drive back to Lex. So I enjoyed another afternoon and night at home. I have an Audit Accounting test tomorrow so Grant and I studied and he took an online quiz. We ordered pizza and watched some of the KY family on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I woke up this morning and drove back in time for my class, sorority meeting, and night time studying.

I bought one of those saline things that clears out your nose. Mom has one and Kroger had a cold version tonight so I bought that and some cough drops (I had a hack attack during my class this afternoon)

John & Kate Plus 8 is on tonight... can't wait to watch it on TiVo!

Feb 15, 2008

11 Years

I was hoping to find an old embarassing picture to put on here of Leanne and Chad (the other brother-in-law Chad) but she beat me to it! so please go to leannewalker.com and get a good laugh :)

Happy Anniversary!

Grant's Song! (It's Working Now)


Haha this may not last long.. he may kill me! This is his song after the dinner HE cooked for me last night.

Happy 28th Chad!

Chad turned 28 yesterday. Didn't have a good recent pic of just him til now.
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Feb 14, 2008

Happy 23rd Anniversary!

This is Mom and Dad last year at Valentines Day. They are celebrating 23 years of marital bliss :)
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Valentines Day

Here are pics from our first two Valentines Days. (These were actually not on the day, but at semi-formals for my sorority) This year we didn't make it to semi-formal but we will be together on Valentines Day! I'll have to post a pic later.

Feb 12, 2008

No classes before 10am!

Yay! Because of the bad weather, my first class of the day was cancelled. I have been up eating breakfast, surfing the net and working on some homework. I have to do a family genogram for Thursday and it is time consuming! I worked on it about 3 hours last night. The whole thing is done on Microsoft Word which is ridiclous. Lots of tiny lines to make and text boxes to make disappear, etc. I am luckily almost finished with the structure, I need to put in a few dates and then work on the write-up about it. I'm about to jump in the shower and get ready for my afternoon classes. Hopefully I don't bust my butt on our deck and stairs on my way down!

Feb 11, 2008


Here are a few video newscasts that have touched our lives lately:



On the 14 WFIE page you may have to scroll through the videos... the church helping a community heal and the volunteers videos are there.

Feb 8, 2008

Post Tornado

There was a lot more damage than Grant first expected in his neighborhood! Everyone was still safe, but several homes were destroyed. His house received lots of fallen trees, a damaged roof and insulation, and some other very minor cosmetic things. There are huge tarps across all of Gaslight Park and the Grant likes to call it "Tent City." We've had a lot of excitement with the national guard and KSP guarding the entrances to Gaslight. So far Grant has argued with a policeman and three cop cars followed Sherry! (It was dark and she didn't know there was a guardsman at the gate looking for tags... oops!) It was a little exciting though! We've been through white passes, green passes, green bracelets, and finally a permanent sticker pass. But the Grant swears as long as somebody went to the fire department they'll get one!
We have so much to be thankful for that there were no injuries in his neighborhood and so few serious injuries across the county. The news showed a shot of outside the funeral home today for the family who died. It also had a scene at our church showing the meal preparation. Mom was on there pulling turkey... yuck! Tomorrow Mom, Dad, the Grant and I are off to Lexington for a UK game. Go Cats!!!

Feb 5, 2008


A tornado just went through Grant's neighborhood. He and everyone else are fine. Very blessed right now! There was some damage but it was fairly minimal. (I wrote more, but it didn't go through... may update with more details later)

Here's one of my favorite pics of a UK icon. This is Memorial Hall, an auditorium for large classes (around 300+ students) I don't know who took this pic, but it's a great snowy day! MH didn't look anything like this today as I walked to and from class. It was crazy warm but rainy all day. Tonight I've been to a team captain meeting for UK's Relay for Life... I'll be sharing more as it progresses! Right now I am catching the end of "Biggest Loser" and trying to keep up with the Super Tuesday election outcomes... Go Hillary!!!
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Feb 4, 2008

Here's my second try at pic posting! Leanne gave me some advice with "Picasa" from Google so hopefully my pics won't turn out as bad as the last post!

This is at a UK game over Christmas break. We were true blue!
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Greek Sing

I had a great weekend! Friday night and Saturday morning were very tiring with greek sing practice. Not only do we have to practice our dances over and over and over but we must be very enthusiastic which requires screaming at the top of your lungs during the whole show. So for about 7 minutes straight with 5-10 minute breaks in between.
These pics are L to R: Sunday @ Church and then @ Greek Sing. "The Grant" was jersey poppin' to support Alpha Gam and it was so dark I couldn't see that I had zoomed in on my camera so instead of taking everybody's pic I took Mom's since she was in the middle... but I like it so I put this pic of her instead of the group pic! haha I'm sure she'll love it :)
I met up with Mom, Dad, Brooke, Chad, Dawson, Isaiah, & "The Grant" for lunch Saturday afternoon. We went to Texas Roadhouse and then to Graeters for ice cream. I loved my cookies & creme ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone... yum!

That night Mom, Dad, Brooke & "The Grant" came to cheer me on at Greek Sing. Our sorority did great, I was really proud of us! I'll try to post some pics... maybe a video if I figure out how to. Mom recorded it and took more pics but I will have to get those when I am home Valentine's Weekend.

Speaking of going home... I haven't been home since MLK Jr. Day! Which if you know me is a pretty long time! And I still have a week and a half to go! Once I do go home though I will be home two weeks in a row (J & J's Wedding) and then in two weeks it will be Spring Break!

"The Grant" and I have tickets for a Dave Ramsey event at my Lexington Church (Southland) for March 7th. He's a Christian finance guru and talks a lot about how to manage money and to stay out of debt. We figure this will be really helpful since July we're on our own!

Today I have been catching up with some school work and I have some laundry going... I was out of clean socks! I have 2 loads going and probably should do 2 more before class & meeting if I have time. I hate having to do laundry in Lexington. Our apartment doesn't have a washer & dryer in it, but there are 2 of each in our basement. It's kinda dingy down there and it is shared by all 7 apartments in my building and then with about 2 other buildings so you can't get it done at popular times so luckily most people have classes during the day on Monday and I am able to get some done. I usually take my laundry home and do it there. (Mom & Dad help too!)


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