Feb 18, 2008

Valentines Day

Dinner Table with roses My card to Grant (the inside had me counting the ways I love him)
Grant made me an "iHeartBritt" card and the inside had pics of us and songs to go with the iPod theme. (Notice the battery life says forever)
He was very creative! I told him I wanted something homemade for Valentines Day and he did great! He also got me some fit flops and chocolate. I got hime "Perfect Pushups"


Leanne said...

Ok, I left a comment earlier and came back to see if anyone else had commented and mine is not there!

Just wanted to say that I think it is sweet you all made your Valentine Cards and I think Grant out did you on the craftiness! Go Grant!

The Grant said...

I hope the CATS win tonight! You have to tell me what happens on John and Kate plus Eight! I can't wait to see you this thursday!

brandy said...

That is so impressive! I just love hand-made gifts.


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