Feb 20, 2008

Relay for Life

Hello Everyone! I am a team captain for Alpha Gamma Delta for the University of Kentucky Relay for Life on March 28th! I am really excited about it :) Our team goal is $2500 which is pretty high and I know there's no way we can reach it without support from our friends and family! I would appreciate SO MUCH if you could go to my Relay page and read about why I will be relaying. I would like to get at least a $10 donation from everyone who visits my site. I know that small donations add up to big money for the American Cancer Society. Please share this information with people who visit your blogs! I am not just doing this to make Alpha Gam reach our goal, but to continue efforts to stop cancer. I hope to keep you updated through my blog on all of our efforts! Just click below for all my info.

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