Dec 26, 2010

What to expect on your first Christmas

Hey everybody!  Mommy usually does the writing on here, but today I thought I would.  This past weekend I got to celebrate Christmas!  I've never done that before.  I got to visit Santa at the mall and he brought me toys, but Mommy and Daddy say that Jesus is the reason for the season.  I think he was the baby in the play at church.  I can't wait to learn more about this Jesus!

I thought I should tell y'all about what to expect on your first Christmas from my point of view.  Make sure all the little babies you know read this!

First, there are lots of presents you get.  You should thoroughly enjoy everyone of them.  If Grana and Grandaddy get you a car to ride in, ride in it around their house as long as they will push you.

 When there are bigger cousins around be careful!  They can move fast and aren't always gentle.  But one thing is, they sure are great!  They love to pat me on the head and make me laugh.  I know we'll be best friends!
 When you get to sleep on Christmas Eve, make sure you sleep well.  There is too much excitement during the day to get a good nap.  Sleep as long as you can, even if Mommy & Daddy have to help you wake up the next morning. 
 There will be lots and lots of pictures.  Just sit back and let them have their way.  Once the pictures are over, the fun of opening presents can begin!
 Stick close to Mommy & Daddy, they have links to Santa!  P.S. They are just overall pretty awesome. 
 When Grammy & Pappaw give you snow gear and a sled you should use it!  Bundle up until you can't hardly move and then get out in the snow.  It's lots of fun!
 Daddy can pull you around in the snow and even go down hills.  An infant sled with a seatbelt is a must for enjoying snow sledding on your first Christmas. 

I think that's about all now!  I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did.  I guess I'll have to let Mommy take back over. 


Dec 13, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Here is our home decorated for Christmas! This is our red, black and white tree in our dining room.

This buffet is next to it and I continued the same color scheme.

This is V's tree in his room. It was his dad's and Grana let me bring it home. It has ornaments that cover the lights. They are Candy Land figurines. I want to add more to it as the years go.

Our family tree is in our living room. It holds our sentimental ornaments. I love it! It's white with colorful ornaments - very whimsical.

Here is our makeshift mantel. This bookcase usually sits where the tree is. I scooted it down and decided to put our stockings on it.

Finally, here are two ornaments we had to add this year for V man.

I'll be adding some of our smaller decorations later including our bookcases that flank the TV and our collection of UK Christmas snowmen, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Dec 11, 2010

Walking at Church

Today after Vince's nap we loaded up and went to walk in our church's gym. It's so nice to have a warm spot. I brought lots of toys for V to play with. He has started really yanking on his toys... Or Mommy's hair whichever is closer!

Here he is loaded in the stroller!

Mommy's view from above

V in action! We had lots of fun :)

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Dec 8, 2010

25 Weeks Later

These are pictures of my baby boy the day he was born and 25 weeks later. He is in the same gown and receiving blanket. He is so precious in both! I can't believe how much he has changed!

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Dec 4, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Here's a quick photo shoot of Vince with our family Christmas tree.
Checking out the ribbon on this nearby package he grabbed!
So glad the bumbo helps him sit up safely.

He doesn't suck his thumb habitually, but he was really liking it right here!

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Nov 28, 2010

Nan & Jane Anne

We put our tree up before Thanksgiving, so once the Crowders and Nan came home from Connecticutt, we had to show them our tree. Vince was more interested in seeing his Nan - He was only one month old when she left to spend time with her daughter in CT. We're so glad we got to visit with Jane Anne (Grant's only cousin on his dad's side) and his Aunt Lana and Philip. Vince was glad to see them again and very glad they left Nan behind this time!

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Nov 22, 2010

V's Favorite Things

After watching Oprah's favorite things last Friday, I thought I would make a list of some of V's favorite things! I would like to try and keep it updated to help us remember, too!
Vince loves his formula!  He takes 7 ounces every 4 hours.  He's started some solids, but still loves a good bottle :)  He takes the store brand from Kroger, it's called "Comforts for Baby."  In case you don't know, the store brand and name brand formulas are all regulated and are exactly the same product, but at different prices.  I can buy his formula for about half of what Enfamil or Good Start costs.  I've bought a few cans of name brand formula when I had enough coupons to get it free. Otherwise, V always drinks Kroger or WalMart formula. (Click on any product pics to be taken to their website.  You may want to right click and open in new tabs.)
This is not our exact diaper bag - I guess Target switches pretty often, but this is the update version.  Ours is darker with circles on it.  We have that drawstring net pouch on both sides where this only has it on the left.  I like having two of those b/c that's where I put a bottle on both sides.  You can tighten the drawstring and they stay in perfectly!  This has big pockets on the front where I can throw my random chapstick, phone, camera, etc.  There is a top zipper pouch on the top where I put my wallet.  It has a handy pouch on the back for a changing cover.  Inside there are pockets on both sides and the big opening closes with a velcro closure.  The straps are a good length that I like, or it has a detachable shoulder strap to use it as a messenger bag.  My favorite part about it is that it has these stroller clips on the top.  They click onto his stroller or BONUS: the shopping carts at Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.  It is so handy - b/c otherwise your diaper bag takes up half the space in your cart.  It also keeps your phone handy right beside you with the baby infront of you. 
This is another favorite of V man.  This is Mr. Square.  It is a plush book.  He doesn't care about reading it but He loves to hold it and feel it and chew on it :)  The hair is funny - that orange stuff on top.  The hanging square feet rattle and crinkle.  He loves when I put it in his lap to play with.  This was a shower gift and I'm so glad we got it!

 Finally, for this round of V's Favorite Things is his swing.  This is the FisherPrice Ocean Wonders cradle/swing.  We didn't register for a swing at first because babies sometimes hate swings.  To say Vince LOVES his swing is an understatement.  My sister Brooke let me borrow hers.  It is a Graco Pooh swing from 2004 when Dawson was born.  He really liked it, so I knew that she would need hers for when she babysits him.  So we used a BRU coupon and bought this one.  V loves it because it has a great mobile on top.  The animals circle around him.  There is a glowing aquarium with fish and water to look at underneath too.  We've never used the tray - the swing calms him down and he takes his naps in it.  This has been a lifesaver for us.  It is also great because this swing will plug into the wall. The older swings only take batteries and swings will go through batteries quickly - the big D ones.  If you needed to move it away from an outlet you can use batteries when needed.  I would definitely recommend this swing to any new parents.  There are more toned down and pleasing "decor" swings, but I don't think they are as interesting for the baby, and it's all about him.  The colors are bright and don't fit in with our decor, but Vince doesn't care!  So now, neither does Mommy :)

 What are some of your baby's favorite things?

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

 It's that time of year again! I am so excited to begin working on this year's Christmas cards. I like to do a special card each year. The year Grant and I got engaged we sent photo cards to our close family and friends. The next year we were married and I handmade every Christmas card we sent. Last year our card had pictures of us, our new home, and an ultrasound pic of Baby Sharp on it. This year we have our bouncing baby boy Vince to show off! I can't wait to get the perfect picture and card put together. I've been browsing Shutterfly lately looking for the perfect card and some perfect gifts. You can see all their photo cards HERE.

I love these fonts!  I also think it was a good idea to do the black and white photo with this card.  It lets the font be graphic and not fight each other. 

I love this card too because of its simplicity.  There are so many great options I am going to have to decide my picture first, because I could choose ALL of them!
This one is so happy!  And I love that it says joy.  We have had lots of joy this year.  We are so blessed!  I also love that joy only comes from God and Christmas is the celebration of his son, Jesus' birth.  I also love that this card has room at the bottom where we could add a Bible verse.  

Christmas Parade

This year Vince stole the show during the Central City Christmas Parade. I drove Grana's convertible and she and Vince rode along. Vince loved looking at all the people along the route. You could hear people the whole time saying, "Look at the Santa baby!"
Grandaddy rode his Harley and they went first. He was able to park and watch us come by later. Daddy took pictures and video.
Driving through town
Posing with Grandaddy's Harley
Our family
Vince and I were traditional in our red and white - Daddy had to support the Big Blue! (It is a little hard to wear red, even for Christmas Haha)

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Nov 17, 2010


I don't think I've mentioned on here yet that I have started back to work.  Because of a few things I didn't return to my pre-baby job.  I am now a part-time SAHM and a part-time substitute teacher!  I am loving the work schedule because I get to stay home with Vince two days a week and then work three.  I also don't have to work on holidays or when Grant is off which is great :)

I am in a few online classes right now and have been working all last night and ever since I got home today on work that's due in about 1.5 hours.  About to have Grant proof it so I can be done! 

I've got lots of pics to update y'all on and Christmas pics to share about!


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