Dec 13, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Here is our home decorated for Christmas! This is our red, black and white tree in our dining room.

This buffet is next to it and I continued the same color scheme.

This is V's tree in his room. It was his dad's and Grana let me bring it home. It has ornaments that cover the lights. They are Candy Land figurines. I want to add more to it as the years go.

Our family tree is in our living room. It holds our sentimental ornaments. I love it! It's white with colorful ornaments - very whimsical.

Here is our makeshift mantel. This bookcase usually sits where the tree is. I scooted it down and decided to put our stockings on it.

Finally, here are two ornaments we had to add this year for V man.

I'll be adding some of our smaller decorations later including our bookcases that flank the TV and our collection of UK Christmas snowmen, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Blessed Mommy said...

Love your trees. We lived in an apartment after our first child and used a book self to hang our stockings on too. Your baby is beautiful. Merry Christmas. Thank you for the tour.

This is me... said...

Great Decorations! Very cute. I never knew until this year that people do multiple trees, but all of yours look great. :)


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