Jan 31, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This week has been full force with school and sorority stuff to do. This Saturday is the annual Greek Sing where each sorority and fraternity make up a routine and dance on stage in front of thousands! Memorial Coliseum is always filled to the top with collegiates, friends, family & fiances! We've been practicing since the beginning of the semester, but this week has been at least 2 hours each night.

I don't have class tomorrow so I am hoping to work out, tan, study, do homework, clean dishes, and have a little rest before practice. Friday night will be from 7pm to possibly midnight! (if we look really great we may get to go home a little early but i'm sure it will be after 11pm either way)

So sorry I have been slacking off this week, but I am going to try to get back on it!

I'm still waiting for Brooke to get a blog!

Jan 28, 2008

After I supposedly inspired Leanne to journal more, I decided I should customize my page more (like hers!) Anyway, I didn't want to put a lot of time into it right now since I don't really know anything so I just grabbed a heading from a free digital scrapbook kit I had downloaded before and changed a few colors... I think it looks nice for a first time try!

6:15 This morning there were lots of loud sounds from the street outside. The garbage pickup was today, but somebody else came first... not sure... recycling usually comes in the afternoon but it might have been them. I fell back asleep in a little bit though.

I am about to head off to the gym & the tanning bed. I need a bit of a glow before Greek Sing this week... on stage for thousands wearing a tank top! White arms alert! (At least I'll be wearing black pants.... my legs would be blinding!)

Jan 25, 2008


I've had a fairly busy morning (which is now afternoon) I have made a late breakfast of hashbrowns and biscuits. (I had frozen biscuits and then just cut up a potato for the hash browns) I hope to try a biscuit recipe from the flour I bought this week. Maybe tomorrow...
I have cleaned the apartment, almost destroying the air filter thingy. It was really dusting so I was trying to sweep it off and then vacuum whatever fell. (Ours is at the top of the ceiling, about 9 feet up or so) But after some big dust bunnies came the grate/door. It hung on by one side so I got up on a twisty turny stool and tried to fix it... I'll probably leave it alone until someone taller comes to visit!

I have also been doing my Music Appreciation online class today. I had a couple lessons to catch up on. With all the breaks and driving home I hadn't started on the work until this week, but I have done all the current lessons and assignments through this week. So a couple hours on Wednesday and Friday. I may work on it Monday and try to get a little ahead, we'll see.
I am really trying to stay focused on my auditing class. This is my only major (Accounting) class this semester and I am enjoying it so far. I think this may be a good fit for me when I graduate. One of my old roommates and good friends did an internship in auditing and she really enjoyed it. She said she thought I would like it better than tax too, and so far I think I do!

I am about to get cleaned up to go meet Grant and his parents in Elizabethtown. We're going out to eat and visiting for a while. His dad has an apartment in Louisville right now so Sherry is going to go up there and visit him for a while.

Tomorrow is another UK ballgame... don't forget to cheer on the CATS!

Jan 24, 2008

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone for such a warm reception :)

I guess I will try at this for a little bit longer... maybe tomorrow!

My first!

Here's my first blog posting! I am just in between classes right now. I've already been to my family studies class this morning and we watched different clips from the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." It was so funny to see it again. I've only seen it once when it came out a long time ago. We were looking at the family cultures between Toula & Ian and they were so different.
I went with two of my bridesmaids (& Best friends), Holly & Whitney last night to see the new movie "27 Dresses" I told Grant afterwards that I loved the movie and it was fun and sweet and very predictable! Everything a good chick flick should be. I used to be amazed at how Mom could always predict what was going to happen next in movies or TV and while this movie didn't take too much imagination, I think I am getting better at doing that like she can!

Let me know what you think of my blog! Any ideas? I am a total beginner @ this!


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