Jan 25, 2008


I've had a fairly busy morning (which is now afternoon) I have made a late breakfast of hashbrowns and biscuits. (I had frozen biscuits and then just cut up a potato for the hash browns) I hope to try a biscuit recipe from the flour I bought this week. Maybe tomorrow...
I have cleaned the apartment, almost destroying the air filter thingy. It was really dusting so I was trying to sweep it off and then vacuum whatever fell. (Ours is at the top of the ceiling, about 9 feet up or so) But after some big dust bunnies came the grate/door. It hung on by one side so I got up on a twisty turny stool and tried to fix it... I'll probably leave it alone until someone taller comes to visit!

I have also been doing my Music Appreciation online class today. I had a couple lessons to catch up on. With all the breaks and driving home I hadn't started on the work until this week, but I have done all the current lessons and assignments through this week. So a couple hours on Wednesday and Friday. I may work on it Monday and try to get a little ahead, we'll see.
I am really trying to stay focused on my auditing class. This is my only major (Accounting) class this semester and I am enjoying it so far. I think this may be a good fit for me when I graduate. One of my old roommates and good friends did an internship in auditing and she really enjoyed it. She said she thought I would like it better than tax too, and so far I think I do!

I am about to get cleaned up to go meet Grant and his parents in Elizabethtown. We're going out to eat and visiting for a while. His dad has an apartment in Louisville right now so Sherry is going to go up there and visit him for a while.

Tomorrow is another UK ballgame... don't forget to cheer on the CATS!


Leanne said...

Sounds like you have been a busy little bee! You better be careful climbing around. You will be in the ER. Hope you have a nice meal with the Grant and family. Glad to see you posting. Me and Brandy seem to stalk all the blogs. I go back and forth all day long checking stuff on the internet (no, I don't just stay on all day long and let Abe run wild, haha!)

Hopefully I will get to see you next time you are home. Abe is much better and is finally able to visit. We went to the doctor once a week for the past 4 weeks! Talk about some copays!!!

Have a nice weekend and Go Cats!

Leanne said...

I didn't mean the Grant! I meant Grant and his family. I was going to put with the (last name here) but didn't think you wanted the last name on here! You know what I mean.

Grant said...

Your hashbrowns and biscuts were very good! You are a natural Martha Stewart. The Grant likes when you cook for him. The Grant has trouble finding the center!

Leanne said...

THE GRANT is silly!!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are cracking me up. I haven't found much "the Grant" doesn't like to eat :-)

I agree with Lelia about the air filter be careful---NO MORE TRIPS TO THE ER!

How about those Wildcats! I'm so proud of them!

Wish ya'll could have been at our slumber party last night. Maddie and I were all set and then Dawson crashed it. They were cute piled up in that king-sized bed with me.

Talk to you later! Let me know about Juno.



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