Jan 31, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This week has been full force with school and sorority stuff to do. This Saturday is the annual Greek Sing where each sorority and fraternity make up a routine and dance on stage in front of thousands! Memorial Coliseum is always filled to the top with collegiates, friends, family & fiances! We've been practicing since the beginning of the semester, but this week has been at least 2 hours each night.

I don't have class tomorrow so I am hoping to work out, tan, study, do homework, clean dishes, and have a little rest before practice. Friday night will be from 7pm to possibly midnight! (if we look really great we may get to go home a little early but i'm sure it will be after 11pm either way)

So sorry I have been slacking off this week, but I am going to try to get back on it!

I'm still waiting for Brooke to get a blog!


Leanne said...

Glad we finally heard from you. Hope you all have fun this weekend.

I am waiting for Brooke's blog too! We may have to encourage her a little more.

Is the family coming up this weekend? Have them take lots of pictures. You know we love pics on blogs!!

The Grant said...

If I did't have to work I would be the first to post:) Being busy is good, that means you are very productive. I am ready for Greek Sing, I am going to bring an air horn. 1437

the grant said...

I'm just kidding with you Leanne!

Brooke said...

Hope you are having a good day! You will probably be waiting a long time for "Brooke's" blog!! I don't know anything about how to blog. I just know how to comment! I love reading ya'lls and keeping up with you. Ya'll just keep on blogging don't wait for me!!!!!! Love ya

Jason said...

Jason wanted to tell you hi and that he wanted a snake birthday cake!! Tell the Jonas brothers that Jason wants to see him! Talk to you later.
kk ju hgfdsss34577880-kjhhhhhhggy7888----[[hhffguo0'' Jason aka Dawson wanted to type his own message. Hope you can understand it!!!

Leanne said...

Okay Grant. I will get you the next time I see you. Being a stay at home Mommy isn't always easy, just ask one. It can really wear on a persons nerves at times. But is also one of the biggest blessings to me!

See how many people check this blog Britt-- You need to at least say hi daily!!!


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