May 26, 2008

I'm an employed accountant!

Friday I had an interview and was hired at a CPA firm in Madville. B. & Co.
I start work June 9th! So I am really excited and need to finish up lots of wedding stuff and go shopping for clothes!

Thanks for all your prayers!

May 25, 2008

Painting our House

We've gotten all the ceilings painted, two coats on the living room and hallway walls, and just started working on the trim last night. I was working on a window and Grant started painting the inside of the door. To my luck Dad walked in the door about when the window was getting tricky (it didn't take long). So I got to hand over my brush to a professional and take a few pics. Here are some pics of it coming along...

Happy to be supervising :)

May 17, 2008

Long Time No Post

I would like to dedicate this post to my oldest sister Leanne. She has sent two emails and given me in-person harassment due to my lack of posting this week.

Grant and I have found a house to rent. It's actually my mammaw's rental house. The family hasn't sold it yet so we are going to rent for a while. We have started painting the ceilings and the doors. It needs a little TLC from the last renter... he enjoyed putting 3 different colors of walls in the living room! So we are putting lots of neutrals up and paint all the trim white again to makie it look spiffy! It will hopefully also improve the house for when it goes on the market.

Here are a couple pics of our picnic the other night. We had to load up a pot and grab some goodies from our "shower room" (Mom's previous guest bedroom :) )

The Makings of our first picnic

oops I guess I didn't remember to put the meat in the pic... oh well!

Here is the master of the midget grill:

May 9, 2008

Successful Day

Mom took a day off yesterday so we could meet with some people and get lots accomplished for the wedding. We were successful I must say.

  1. Lunch @ Fazoli's
  2. Allergy Doctor's Appt: new medicine (the grandfather of Zyrtec), eye drops, and an appt in three weeks for an allergy test
  3. Meeting with our florist. We finished up some details with the bouquets and reception table cloths. Also go all the info for the guys' tuxes
  4. Dress fitting for me and Mom at Elizabeth's. I also bought the earrings I will be wearing and found the shoes I want to get. Go back in 2 weeks for next fitting.
  5. Picked up Grant's wedding band at Brinker' of the biggest purchases I've ever made!
  6. Mother's Day gift for Mom and checked on bridal registry at Baker's Rack
  7. Snack turned supper at Steak-n-Shake. Chocolate milkshake and fries were wonderful!
  8. Luggage research for our upcoming international travels
  9. Mother's Day gift for Mammaw Steele
  10. Drive Home
  11. Wal-Mart trip in CC
  12. Watched Grey's Anatomy....crazy!

May 7, 2008


Freshman Year Roommates & Accounting Buddies

The Sharps

Vinson Family
After Graduation

Leaving Rupp with my sweetie :)


A diploma for Mom & Dad! It's a certificate of appreciation for all the love and support they have given me to help me reach graduation!

Grant's Certificate of Appreciation

Opening up a gift from Mom and Dad... a UK Diploma frame
(only pic I have of Lelia right now... we're going to do a replay sometime soon since they got out of Rupp quick after the graduation)

Another graduation present from Mom and Dad

May 6, 2008

Moving Out

Lots of family came up Saturday around lunch time to help me move out of my apartment. We went to Cane's and Moe's for lunch then started the process. Here's a pic of my home away from "home" for the last two years. Everyone was surprised at the number of steps to go up and down!
Near the end...

We were almost finished... then I remembered my bathing suit was in my dresser drawer! And there was a pool and hot tub at the hotel! So luckily Chad was able to shimmy to the back and get it out! Woo hoo!

2BC Shower

What a wonderful shower we had! Special thanks to Martha R, Connie L, Sarah C, and Brooke G for throwing it. There was a spread of fruits, veggies, petitfours, and other goodies inside the parlor while we opend lots of gifts in the foyer. We got so many good things for our future home. We are so blessed to have friends and family who love us so much to give so generously. Martha had everyone gather in a circle around us at the beginning of the shower and they prayed over us. That was really special. Thank you to everyone who made that such a great shower.


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