May 25, 2008

Painting our House

We've gotten all the ceilings painted, two coats on the living room and hallway walls, and just started working on the trim last night. I was working on a window and Grant started painting the inside of the door. To my luck Dad walked in the door about when the window was getting tricky (it didn't take long). So I got to hand over my brush to a professional and take a few pics. Here are some pics of it coming along...

Happy to be supervising :)


Leanne said...

It is looking good! Check out the sunburn. Ouch!

Glad to see that you have had a free minute to rest.

Congrats on the new job!!!! Just because you aren't bragging about it doesn't mean that I'm not! haha

Love ya little sister,

Susan said...

Hey girl......did you get a job?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog colors! Somebody is being a great photographer!

Great work!

Girl, one word: sunscreen!
Another word: congrats on the new job!!! I hope they give a gas allowance! :(

brandy said...

Congrats on having a house to work on! I especially like that supervising situation...hahaha!


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