May 9, 2008

Successful Day

Mom took a day off yesterday so we could meet with some people and get lots accomplished for the wedding. We were successful I must say.

  1. Lunch @ Fazoli's
  2. Allergy Doctor's Appt: new medicine (the grandfather of Zyrtec), eye drops, and an appt in three weeks for an allergy test
  3. Meeting with our florist. We finished up some details with the bouquets and reception table cloths. Also go all the info for the guys' tuxes
  4. Dress fitting for me and Mom at Elizabeth's. I also bought the earrings I will be wearing and found the shoes I want to get. Go back in 2 weeks for next fitting.
  5. Picked up Grant's wedding band at Brinker' of the biggest purchases I've ever made!
  6. Mother's Day gift for Mom and checked on bridal registry at Baker's Rack
  7. Snack turned supper at Steak-n-Shake. Chocolate milkshake and fries were wonderful!
  8. Luggage research for our upcoming international travels
  9. Mother's Day gift for Mammaw Steele
  10. Drive Home
  11. Wal-Mart trip in CC
  12. Watched Grey's Anatomy....crazy!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Lists! Great job!

Leanne said...

You were one busy girl! Glad you got so much accomplished in one day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have sure had a lot going on! Shower, graduation and now wedding preparation. What a whirlwind. Did I read international travels??? What an exciting time.

Leanne said...

Okay, girlie it is time for a new post!

Theresa said...

Made me tired just reading it! BTW, you have to change your intro paragraph now that you're officially graduated and your funky little Mrs. S%@^p!


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