Jul 24, 2009

My Wedding Dress

Here is my wedding dress I wore July 12, 2008 when I married the man of my dreams. I looked at tons of dresses online and in magazines before I ever steeped foot in a bridal shop. I decided to go to two local shops one Saturday just to test the waters. I found a dress at each shop that stood out, but just weren't right. I decided to wait until I was back at school in Lexington and go looking there. The day that UK played Louisville in football I went shopping. I took my mom, and my two best friends/bridesmaids Holly and Whitney. (My two sisters and other bridesmaids were at home in wky). We went to one shop and I grabbed some dresses. There were two that were simple and classic like I was wanting. I tried on the first. It was strapless and looked horrible on my chest. It was close to $1000. I tried on the next one and it was perfect! It had rouching around the waist and fell away from the hips with a box pleat. The deep V-neck with spaghetti straps had enough detail to keep interest. The taffeta fabric was gorgeous! I stepped outside and EVERYONE loved it. It was the one! But there was no price tag.... I got really, really nervous. I just knew it would be more expensive than the first dress because it was so much prettier! So the sales assistant took the numbers and went to look up the price. She came back.... it was a ballgown from Moonlight Bridal's Destination line. It was only $400! I was so pumped. That was definitely within budget. I loved this dress. I needed a little bit of alterations and hemming. The first time they hemmed it I hated it! It was way too short. I felt like could see my ankles. So I took it back and they let it out. I guess I like my dress the way people like their curtains... with a little puddle :)

I had to have a blusher! I thought it was one thing I would be old-fashiony about. I think it is so pretty and I had Dad practice so I didn't get a big hump when he lifted it and gave me away!Here's the puddle!

Jul 23, 2009

Baby Brock

Introducing the newest member of the family, baby Brock.
Brock was born June 17th - his parents 9th wedding anniversary. He is the third little boy. His big brothers Dawson & Isaiah are helping Mommy and Daddy feed and burp him. Isaiah (just turned 2) can also be caught swiping paci's if they're left out. Ha! He's been off a paci for a year, but now he wants to be a baby every once in a while.

Jul 22, 2009

MidTerm is over!

Grant just got back from his mid-term for his summer class. Yay! Only 4 more classes left. We are celebrating with Dairy Queen ice cream. Yum!

Play Ball!

Maddie played softball this year with the Hot Tamales!

She was a great player and had lots of fun :)

I can't believe Uncle G got Isaiah to pose for the camera!

Chad & Laura

On June 13th we welcomed another Chad into our family! I forgot my camera and stole these pics from Leanne so I don't have any of the bride and groom, but this is my younger cousin by 3 weeks. I was born January 3, 1986 and she was born January 23, 1986. We've grown up together and now we've both graduated college, started jobs, and gotten married. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Laura and Chad. I know they are very blessed. We used to say they would be the next John & Kate plus 8 because Chad is Asian and Laura is blonde.... but I don't want them to lead to divorce.... but I bet their kids will be just as cute!
This is Laura with my nephews Abe and Dawson, and niece Maddie. I can't believe they were all looking and all smiling! Leanne pulled off a miracle :)

Jul 16, 2009

Another Wedding!

Grant was a groomsman for one of his best friends growing up. Brandon married Stephanie in June and we went to Lexington to celebrate the weekend. They got married trackside at Keeneland and we went downtown to DeSha's for the Rehearsal Dinner. Here's one of the guys at Triangle Park... aren't they romantic?!

Wedding Season

We celebrated the wedding of one of my sorority sisters in Louisville this past May. My pics of the bride and groom are on my phone... not sure how to transfer them. They had a great wedding and reception. The reception was downtown at a history museum. The place was very chic! Congrats Breanna & Drew!

Holly met us at E-town to ride to the wedding with us. It was great getting to catch up again. She's moving out of the apartment we shared in college at the end of this month. We lived together one year in the sorority house and two years in the apartment. It will be sad to finally be giving up our apartment!

We're Homeowners!

Grant and I purchased our first home this summer! Our offer was accepted the Sunday before Memorial Day and we closed on the house on my sister Leanne's birthday, June 29th. We've been busy working on renovations. I'll try to keep you all updated on our home improvements!


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