Nov 22, 2010

V's Favorite Things

After watching Oprah's favorite things last Friday, I thought I would make a list of some of V's favorite things! I would like to try and keep it updated to help us remember, too!
Vince loves his formula!  He takes 7 ounces every 4 hours.  He's started some solids, but still loves a good bottle :)  He takes the store brand from Kroger, it's called "Comforts for Baby."  In case you don't know, the store brand and name brand formulas are all regulated and are exactly the same product, but at different prices.  I can buy his formula for about half of what Enfamil or Good Start costs.  I've bought a few cans of name brand formula when I had enough coupons to get it free. Otherwise, V always drinks Kroger or WalMart formula. (Click on any product pics to be taken to their website.  You may want to right click and open in new tabs.)
This is not our exact diaper bag - I guess Target switches pretty often, but this is the update version.  Ours is darker with circles on it.  We have that drawstring net pouch on both sides where this only has it on the left.  I like having two of those b/c that's where I put a bottle on both sides.  You can tighten the drawstring and they stay in perfectly!  This has big pockets on the front where I can throw my random chapstick, phone, camera, etc.  There is a top zipper pouch on the top where I put my wallet.  It has a handy pouch on the back for a changing cover.  Inside there are pockets on both sides and the big opening closes with a velcro closure.  The straps are a good length that I like, or it has a detachable shoulder strap to use it as a messenger bag.  My favorite part about it is that it has these stroller clips on the top.  They click onto his stroller or BONUS: the shopping carts at Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.  It is so handy - b/c otherwise your diaper bag takes up half the space in your cart.  It also keeps your phone handy right beside you with the baby infront of you. 
This is another favorite of V man.  This is Mr. Square.  It is a plush book.  He doesn't care about reading it but He loves to hold it and feel it and chew on it :)  The hair is funny - that orange stuff on top.  The hanging square feet rattle and crinkle.  He loves when I put it in his lap to play with.  This was a shower gift and I'm so glad we got it!

 Finally, for this round of V's Favorite Things is his swing.  This is the FisherPrice Ocean Wonders cradle/swing.  We didn't register for a swing at first because babies sometimes hate swings.  To say Vince LOVES his swing is an understatement.  My sister Brooke let me borrow hers.  It is a Graco Pooh swing from 2004 when Dawson was born.  He really liked it, so I knew that she would need hers for when she babysits him.  So we used a BRU coupon and bought this one.  V loves it because it has a great mobile on top.  The animals circle around him.  There is a glowing aquarium with fish and water to look at underneath too.  We've never used the tray - the swing calms him down and he takes his naps in it.  This has been a lifesaver for us.  It is also great because this swing will plug into the wall. The older swings only take batteries and swings will go through batteries quickly - the big D ones.  If you needed to move it away from an outlet you can use batteries when needed.  I would definitely recommend this swing to any new parents.  There are more toned down and pleasing "decor" swings, but I don't think they are as interesting for the baby, and it's all about him.  The colors are bright and don't fit in with our decor, but Vince doesn't care!  So now, neither does Mommy :)

 What are some of your baby's favorite things?

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