Feb 12, 2008

No classes before 10am!

Yay! Because of the bad weather, my first class of the day was cancelled. I have been up eating breakfast, surfing the net and working on some homework. I have to do a family genogram for Thursday and it is time consuming! I worked on it about 3 hours last night. The whole thing is done on Microsoft Word which is ridiclous. Lots of tiny lines to make and text boxes to make disappear, etc. I am luckily almost finished with the structure, I need to put in a few dates and then work on the write-up about it. I'm about to jump in the shower and get ready for my afternoon classes. Hopefully I don't bust my butt on our deck and stairs on my way down!


Anonymous said...

Be careful on those steps!

You forgot to mention the CATS winning their 5th game in a row!

No school today--I'm catching up on work at home. Dad will be so happy! :-)


Leanne said...

Be careful. Hope you have a good day. We will be inside! It is too cold, wet and nasty to be out.

Brittany said...

I'm about to walk to class.... believe me I don't want to get out in it!!

Leanne said...

Hope you are bundled up. It is so nasty here.


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