Feb 8, 2008

Post Tornado

There was a lot more damage than Grant first expected in his neighborhood! Everyone was still safe, but several homes were destroyed. His house received lots of fallen trees, a damaged roof and insulation, and some other very minor cosmetic things. There are huge tarps across all of Gaslight Park and the Grant likes to call it "Tent City." We've had a lot of excitement with the national guard and KSP guarding the entrances to Gaslight. So far Grant has argued with a policeman and three cop cars followed Sherry! (It was dark and she didn't know there was a guardsman at the gate looking for tags... oops!) It was a little exciting though! We've been through white passes, green passes, green bracelets, and finally a permanent sticker pass. But the Grant swears as long as somebody went to the fire department they'll get one!
We have so much to be thankful for that there were no injuries in his neighborhood and so few serious injuries across the county. The news showed a shot of outside the funeral home today for the family who died. It also had a scene at our church showing the meal preparation. Mom was on there pulling turkey... yuck! Tomorrow Mom, Dad, the Grant and I are off to Lexington for a UK game. Go Cats!!!


Leanne said...

Did you all see Cathy on the news? What station? I watched but didn't see her. Let me know at what time and what station because I should have it recorded and want to see her on there.

Hope you all made a safe trip back to Lexington.

The Grant said...

I hope you have a good week Brittany, or should I say Miley? I think that you like to live the altered life of Hannah Montana, just as I like to be called "The Grant"!


Leanne said...

You two are silly!


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