Mar 25, 2008

Not Much

going on around here right now. I am starving and about to make some lunch. I have also been busy getting everything ready for Relay for Life on Friday. Our team has raised almost $1000 for UK's RFL.
Please pray for Jenny S and her family as she unexpectedly lost her uncle Sunday night.
My sorority house mother, Mom Retha, lost her best friend last week to cancer. She was pretty upset about it last night during dinner. I told her I wanted to put a luminaria in memory of her at Relay and I think it really meant a lot to her.

Back to boiling water and Rachel Ray show.


Leanne said...

Hey, what does the 1437 in your last post mean? Is it a secret code???

Sorry to hear about those loosing their loved ones. I will be praying for them and their families.

Have a good lunch!

Brittany said...

it's a code!

brandy said...

Duh, Leanne! It's a code, if she told ya, it wouldn't be a code anymore! Just kiddin'..I'm in such a sassy mood today!

Good to hear your not too busy today, Brittany! Those days are so great. Good luck in your Relay for Life walk!!

Anonymous said...

great to hear from you! Keep spreading the love!


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