Mar 27, 2008

Calories I've burned today...

according to Daily Plate I have been more active than I ever thought!

Walking 158
Writing 95
Attending Class 622 (wow!)
Brushing my Teeth 14
Scrubbing the Bathroom 67
Light Straightening 121
Watching TV 176
Changing Linens 9

These are based on their activities and cal/hr I just told about how many minutes for each.
So I burned around 1262 calories today.

I kept up with what I ate and I had 1789 calories. Not too bad.. but I think I need to start on some real exercise!


Leanne said...

Okay, the watching TV and attending class are killing me! That has got to be wrong. Unless you are doing something aerobic while watching the tv I think they are stretching it a bit!!!

Maggie said...

So cool. Yeah, I get more than 9 calories changing linens at my house....definately!

So, do you burn more in a Physics class than you would in a Psychology class? Just wondering :D

achangedheart said...

i think scrubbing APL's bathroom should burn up more than 67 calories!!!!

the grant said...

you are a calorie burning machine!


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