Mar 4, 2008

Busy Week

This week has been crazy! I was home for the weekend and waited until Monday morning to drive back to Lex. I was halfway thru my trip and I stopped for a pit stop at E-town. After a quick couple minutes in the gas station I returned to my car and turned the key. Click Click Click ugh. try again. Click Click Click. I called Dad and he thinks it sounds like I have battery problems. So I called AAA and they said a local shop would call and let me know how long it would be. After about 20-30 minutes Dad was already on his way to trade cars with me. He made it to the gas station before the repairman left. We drove on to the next exit and ate at Arby's... we left the car running outside! So now I am driving around in Mammaw's car this week and hopefully I can get my new battery cable and get back to normal. I have 3 tests and a paper due this week plus meetings and other things going on.

I just got back from a Relay for Life team captain meeting on campus. I am raising money for our March 28th Relay and I am really excited! I am urging all of you who read this to go to my site (the link is to the left) and give whatever you can. $5 or $50. We have all been affected by cancer and I hope to really make a difference. I can also get you a $5 luminaria in honor or memory of a cancer fighter. Please take part in this to support cancer survivors and in memory of those we've lost!


The Grant said...

We washed the X, but it sounds like we needed to do a tuneup!

Leanne said...

Glad you made it back safe. I am gonna have to take a look at you Relay page and give you a little donation. Just remember I am a broke stay at home Mommy who just spent all of her money on her child's birthday party! ha ha

Mamaw would be proud that you are sporting her car at school!


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