Mar 19, 2008

I think I may have broken

my pinky toe. I was watching the Biggest Loser this morning on TiVo and was going to walk over to the apartment complex and work out afterwards. I forgot my parking pass at home so I have been parking on the street and there are very few spots to find. I have to wait til night to drive if I am going because during the day EVERYBODY tries to park on our street. Most of it is yellow lined or fire lane. So I heard pouding outside and I jumped up out of the chair and rain through the hallway to check the scene from our front (only) door. SMACK! I nailed the hallway table. ugh. pain pain pain. I continued on towards the door limping, and rain was pouring down. So I thought.. I will wait and go right before my class and then I won't be out as much in the rain. Then I finished the show and got ready for my shower and that's when I realized the pain had not gone away and now my little bitty pinky toe is huge! and cut up a little bit. So there go my dreams of exercise. I'm now limping around our tiny apartment hoping that broken pinky toes heal quickly.

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Leanne said...

Oh Britt! Chad broke his once and was told that there isn't much you can do but to tape it to the next toe over. Keep it elevated to reduce the swelling. Take you some tylenol or motrin if it is still uncomfortable. Too bad it isn't sandal weather. Stuffing it into some tight shoes isn't going to be feeling good.

Hope it is better.


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