Oct 4, 2011

31 Days of Thanks: Day 4

NOTE: Days of Thanks will continue Nov. 5 with day 5.  Thanks!

Today I'm thankful for my roots!  I have lived in Kentucky my whole life, well within a two-mile radius my entire life.  When I wasn't living in my hometown I spent four great years in Lexington at the University of Kentucky.  Here's a post I never got around to posting earlier, my accent vlog, there's no denying my roots!

Accent Vlog (9/1/11)
I loved watching some of the accent vlogs posted on Jenna's blog.  So last night I had Grant watch Jenna's husband's vlog and he agreed to do it!  So here are our accent vlogs.  Here is mine, I'll have to figure out why Gran'ts won't load correctly.  I think it's so funny to hear yourself on video, I sound kinda country I guess.  Western Kentucky accent :)

I wish the list of words to say had included huge.  Grant never pronounces the "h" in huge. I think it's the oddest thing.

So here's our my vlog.  Go back to Jenna's and watch everybody else's too!

So, what do you think?  Is this a Southern or Country accent?

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