May 1, 2009

Kitchen Tour

Kelly is hosting a kitchen tour today on her blog as part of a new weekly party, "Show us where you live Friday"

So, here's my kitchen:

And of course we have to show some school spirit! The candle on top of the stove to the left is custom-made. Theresa made it for us before our wedding. It's a pic from Rupp Arena my senior year.

I love these canisters! The square ones are from our Target wedding registry and I got the round "Pasta" one from a local gift shop. I also love the aluminum trivet. It matches lots of our aluminum serving pieces.

Here are our everyday dishes. We have multi-colored Fiesta dishes. I love them! Everyone always talks about how their white dishes work for everything, but having 2 of each color lets me mix and match for every holiday or mood! I also love the red polka dot dessert plates for holidays. I added the "S" to a silver platter after seeing it done by

You can see that I need to wash dishes... practically no bowls clean! There are only big spoons left in the drawer too! We've been eating breakfast at home, lunch at work (packing) and grabbing food however we can at night this week. The bowls and spoons are high. ha!

Here's our table. It's got two benches which is great for squeezing in lots of friends and family!
Thanks for touring our kitchen! Hope you enjoyed!


Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed looking at your kitchen. :)

Carri said...

I LOVE your dishes! So colorful and a really good idea to mix them up! Thanks for sharing!


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