May 19, 2009

Kindergarten here we come!

Tonight was Dawson's preschool graduation. He did a great job saying his bible verse and his poem. Each child dressed up for the job they want to do when they grow up. Dawson was a construction worker. He said a poem "Construction work one day I'll do. I'll use hammers and nails to build something for you, and it won't cost that much!" He's been telling it to us for about a month!

I found out tonight that Maddie graduated from kindergarten at CC elementary tonight too. I didn't even know they had kindergarten graduations anymore! Mom & Dad went to visit her before Dawson's. I got to see both of Maddie's preschool graduations and she would always say a poem or two and sing songs. Maddie's preschool wore caps and gowns to graduation. So cute!

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Leanne said...

Oh, for some reason this blog wasn't on my "blog list" and I haven't been checking it. I look on my blog to see who has updated and I seem to have 2 other listings for your blogs?! I thought you had given up on posting. The last I saw was the Zumba post. Which, by the way, we have got to get our butts back to!!!


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