Mar 22, 2012

DIY School Yearbooks

I was so happy when Shutterfly contacted me* about a new product they are offering.  They now have Photo Yearbooks available on their website.  I absolutely love creating Shuttefly photo books and using their website to create our Christmas cards.  They have the best quality and using their website to create photo books is so easy.  I love that the designs are customizable all the way down to the font and size of the font.  I hate when the default font is tiny! 

As I was looking on the website I was so excited to see a colorful, graphic yearbook option.  It seems like the local school's yearbooks are always drab and inlclude more black and white than color photos.  And I never see any cool graphics.  The examples also showed where children's artwork had been uploaded and published.  That's revolutionary!  I think this is such a neat idea for a parent or teacher to do.  I can definitely see myself doing this for Vince.  I may start now since he loves to color!  If not now then it would be great to start even for Pre-K. 

I may put this idea into action for his baby book.  I have several pieces of newspaper articles and a first haircut certificate.  Those things are sweet and sentimental but I'd rather not store them from now on.  I could take a picture or scan them and then upload it to a photo book.  I LOVE this idea!  Thank you, Shutterfly.  You are always inspring!

How would you use a Shutterfly year book?  Have you ever put children's artwork or newspaper clippings into a photo book? 

You can follow Shutterfly and get lots of inspiration from them here:
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*This is a sponsored post. I was contacted by Shutterfly to promote their yearbooks. I have used Shutterfly for years and have always loved their products.

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