Oct 8, 2010

Shows Us Your Life - Kitchen

Here's my kitchen:
When we moved into the house there was panelling throughout the kitchen and attached dining room. When we began removing the paneling to drywall, we had to pull down some of the existing (original to the house) cabinets. We decided then (I pleaded and begged and Grant agreed) to put in new cabinets. We had custom cabinets built to maximize our space (which is small). I absolutely love them! They are painted white and then have a chocolate glaze over them. The previous owner's family had just put in a new oven and stovetop so we bought a fridge and microwave to match. No, we didn't get stainless steel because I didn't want to always have mismatched appliances. Plus, I think the white is clean looking and easier to keep clean than stainless.
I got these canisters at a yard sale this summer. They are CorningWare. I added the little homemade chalkboard tags with some ribbon I had around.
Who says you can ever have too many bottles? - Not Vince :)

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Abramyan Avenue said...

love the white cabinets!! they go so good together with your counter tops. i remember those days of baby bottles!!
have a wonderful weekend!

Ben and Emily said...

Beautiful cabinets! I love the look of white with chocolate glaze!

Cute labels for your canisters! Never thought to use chalkboard on a "tag"!

Adam, April & Aidan said...

I love your kitchen but I really couldn't stop staring at how cute your baby is! Hahaha. Great choice with the cabinets! I love the color!


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