Oct 6, 2010

The Great Smoky Mountains

This past weekend we headed down to Tennessee with Grant's parents. We spent the weekend in Pigeon Forge and had a great time. When we arrived Saturday, I looked up another blogger, Brit and went to one of her downtown Gatlinburg favorites.. It was called Best Italian and it was pretty good. (The marinara was sweet, which I loved!) Here's a photo of our family outside the restaurant with a little Fall scene.

The next day was cold and rainy all day. We stayed in the Pigeon Forge and Seveirville area to shop and eat. We went to Tanger and got Vince some jeans and new pj's at Baby Gap. Vince talked his mom into a sweatshirt and I got a caramel apple! We ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It was good. Vince had a bottle after we finished eating. Driving through I noticed the Christmas shops and had to stop in. We got a Gatlinburg ornament with a bear and a squirrel to commemorate our visit. Grant also bought Vince a new book called "Mommy and Me." The book is really sweet and so is my husband - I thought that was so thoughtful of him. It shows what Mommy and Baby do all day long together from waking up to going to sleep. I love it because I am a SAHM right now which I am absolutely loving! I didn't think I would ever be able to do this, soI am so happy. I know it isn't long term so I am trying to enjoy every moment until I find a part-time job.
Here's a picture of Vince meeting Santa!  He was really looking around and checking everything out.  We did a quick wardrobe change with a Christmas sweater that Grana just bought at the Carter's outlet.
Here's the entire group at the Chimenys.  I love the creek and all the stones!  It was cold so Vince and I stayed up by the truck and inside most of the time.  The others went walking around some. 
Here we are warming up by a fire in the Great Outdoors.  It's at the park entrance right outside of Gatlinburg.  It felt good after being in the cold air!

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