Apr 14, 2008

UK student killed in hit-and-run near campus

UK student killed in hit-and-run near campus - Campus News

Please be in prayer for this girl's family and her friends on campus. There was a memorial service tonight on campus. Her funeral and burial will be at her home town in Utah.

I didn't know her personally, but she was on the equestrian team with one of my sorority sisters. They were good friends and from all I hear she was a great person.

Her sister welcomed her first child into the world on the same day she died. This is surely a very stressful time for a family with such tragedy and joy so close together.


Leanne said...

That is so sad. I will be praying for all involved.

Leanne said...
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Anonymous said...

I've added them to my prayers

Theresa said...

I wondered if she was a friend of yours when I saw this on the news. Even though you didn't know her I knew that the tragedy would affect you and everyone else with a good heart. Prayers sent for all.


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