Apr 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I am really excited about Earth Day this year since I am trying extra hard to be green. I hope some of you are too! Things I am trying right now:

-less water when washing dishes, shaving legs, brushing teeth
-using reusable water bottles and food storage
-buying organic as much as possible
-turning off & unplugging anything not in use
-driving less (which is hard since I am still in Lex and driving home)
-using less paper (double-sided printing)
-no plastic bags at the grocery and other stores. I either carry a smal load or bring my own bag

What are you doing?


the return of the grant said...

turning off lights
less homework
Turning down appliances
being a freegan!

Leanne said...

Okay, What is Grant saying about this freegan stuff? Did he watch Oprah? 1437? I am not liking this code talk!

brandy said...

I was so excited about Earth Day too! My biggest "commitment" is to not using plastic bags, but bringing my own! And as soon as we move, being filling up the recycling containers!!!

Speaking of Oprah. I secretly love the composting idea...lasagna..even though it was alittle gross.


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