Nov 10, 2011

Tiny Prints

Are you working in your Christmas planner yet?  I have yet to formalize mine but with so many ideas swirling I know I need to get it put into one spot quickly.  I also need to drag out my old laptop to get my Christmas card list off it.  I organizede them last year but since Santa brought a new computer I haven't switched my list over.  Speaking of cards, have you seen the Tiny Prints cards yet this year?  Here's my favorite.  I spotted it a few weeks ago and then looking back this week it was still my favorite.  I love the different patterns of letters and the cheerful yet homemade look to it.  I know I've posted some other cards from Shutterfly already this year but I love to get a few different card designs.  I can't pick just one! 

And I'm a sucker for a good address label, especially when it matches my cards, so I'll have to get a few of these:

And to really match all my Christmas paraphanelia wouldn't it be great to have these customized gift labels?!
Gift Tag

Tiny Prints has cards, notebooks, calendars, and lots of fun things to look at.  One of my sorority sisters posted her new business cards that she had just ordered from Tiny Prints.  They were gorgeous, very sophisticated, but fun! 

So, do you send out multiple designs or one single Christmas card each year?

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