Apr 27, 2010

Baby Moon

Grant and I headed out last Thursday afternoon for our first vacation since our honeymoon, and our last vacation as a family of two! We took a "Babymoon" to the Smoky Mountains and had a wonderful time. We got to enjoy the national park, downtown Gatlinburg, and the outlet mall in Pigeon Forge. Here's a pic of us at the sign. It was great because they had a wooden post sitting there with a camera sign on it. It was perfect for setting the 10 second timer and getting a great picture. No waiting around for a stranger to offer!

We went to the "Chimneys" and put our toes in the water. It was freezing! I would have loved to gotten out and climbed all the rocks, but that's not a good thing when you're 31 weeks pregnant, so I carefully made it down to a big rock to sit and Grant got to do the exploring.

Here's Grant sitting on the biggest rock he could find!

We had a great trip! Here's an itenerary of what all we did:

Thursday: Grant worked a full day at school and I left work early to meet him and leave. We ate at Fazoli's in Clarksville and went to Best Buy to buy a new camera for the baby(Baby's Momma!). I've got a great big camera with a good zoom for soccer games, etc. but I've not been using it for everyday life. So, I decided I wanted another Kodak Easyshare that was small enough to keep in my purse with me at all times. I am loving it! Hopefully it will also inspire me to blog more having pictures readily available. We left Clarksville and made it to Pigeon Forge to check into our hotel at bed time.

Friday: I woke up at 4:15 (well, 5:15 mountain time) and could NOT go back to sleep! I tried until I got bad heart burn, took a rolaid and that just made my stomach hungry! I finally plugged in the computer and watched tv until I could finally get Grant up. We went to Gatlinburg and ate at the Pancake Pantry. It was really good! I got silver dollar pancakes, crispy bacon, and hashbrowns. Grant got pancakes, eggs, and sausage. We walked around in the shops, and bought lots of taffy! Grant played some arcade games and I ate a shaved ice. We would walk a little and then take a break on a bench. Luckily, it was not crowded at all! Then we headed up the mountains into the national park. After exploring up there, we went back to the hotel in Pigeon Forge and I took a nap! I was sleepy after getting up so early! We ate at Olive Garden that night and went shopping at the Tanger Outlet mall. Grant got some clothes at Nautica and I got a Coach Diaper Bag! It is soooo cute!

Saturday: I slept a little longer, but was still anxious for Grant to wake up so we could go get breakfast. We went to McDonald's and got breakfast to go. We ate it in our hotel room and just stayed in until around lunch time. I wrote a few thank you cards, caught up on blogs, and we watched some movies on TV. We went to Gatlinburg to pick up a Fannie Farkle lunch to picnic in the park, but it started sprinkling. So we just rushed straight to the park for some final pictures and then got the Fannie Farkle to go on our way back through. We went back to the hotel and waited for the rain to clear... and watched some more movies! haha We went back to the outlet mall and found Vince's coming home outfit at Strasburg. It is so adorable! We also got swim suits so we could swim at the hotel's indoor pool. Grant got some tennis shoes, I got a dress and sweater, and we both got lounge pants/shorts at the Gap. We were exhausted after shopping (atleast I was). We ate Moe's for dinner and headed to the hotel pool.

Sunday: We woke up and ate a Waffle for breakfast at the Hotel. Then we loaded up all our stuff and headed for home. We pulled out of the hotel around 8:30 so we had our own worship service as our church at home was about to start. We sang praise songs, prayed for those on our hearts, and we both preached a little! We stopped in Clarksville again on the way home for lunch and to update our registry. We still have 3 showers left, and Mom said I didn't have enough stuff on there. So we added more! We ran into my best friend and 3-year college roommate's parents while we were there. It was great to see them! We made it back in time for Grant to drop me off at church to attend a baby shower. The mommy-to-be is due 12 days before me. They havne't found out the gender, so it was fun to compare notes! I'm pretty sure Vince is a bigger baby than baby Potts by looking at our bellies!

We had a great time on our babymoon! Did you and your husband take a babymoon before jumping into parenthood?

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AndreaLeigh said...

that sounds lovely! i love gaitlenburg. particularly the outlets.


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