Jan 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

It's been a while since I've blogged! 2009 was a great year for our family! I turned 23 in January and Grant took me to Patti's to celebrate. We spent our winter and spring months very busy with work. I worked six day weeks for my first tax season and Grant was getting ready for CATS testing at school and coaching baseball for the high school. We celebrated Grant's 26th Birthday in April at a baseball game and Texas Roadhouse after. I was so happy to finally get my Saturdays back!
We also spent the winter and spring months house hunting! We looked at lots of houses and made offers on a few before finally finding our home. Our offer was accepted on Memorial Day weekend and the fun began! We closed on the home June 29th and started work immediately! It's been a lot of work to get where it is, but definitely worth it!
Grant started his first season as head coach of the new Mustangs soccer team in August. He is a great coach! The players love him and the refs hate him! haha The team had a great winning season and were runner-up at District.
You know what they say, new house new baby. We are now waiting for our baby! I took my last month of birth control in August and in October we found out we are expecting!!! We are so excited! Grant is the best thing ever. He is so excited for our baby to get here. He is also so good to me. I have been very sick for the last 6 weeks and he has been doing everything! He cooks me biscuits (the only thing I can eat!) and cleans up the house and dishes every night. He decorated our house for Christmas and even added a second tree this year! Grant spent his Christmas Break organizing the house. He has cleaned out my closet, reorganized the guest bedroom, cleaned out the garage, taken down the Christmas decorations, and decked the attic for seasonal storage. He's been very busy!
We can't wait for what 2010 will bring! Hopefully it will include blogging more! I guess that should be one of my resolutions!

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Leanne said...

I am so excited to see that you haven't given up on blogging!

I really wish that I had kept a journal or blogged during my pregnancy. I know there are things you don't want everyone reading about but you might consider a journal... Write about the way you are feeling and how you are changing from day to day... I have a horrible memory and would love to have documented my pregnancy with Abe more. I didn't even want myself photographed too much because I felt like a cow! ha ha


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