Dec 3, 2012

Christmas Cards & Gifts

I am so happy to say that I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping!  Most of it was finished and wrapped before Thanksgiving.  However, I do need to get all of the items I've bought in the last two weeks out of my car :)

Every year I take time to prepare Christmas photo cards for our family and friends.  I started this the year we were pregnant with Vince.  I love sharing these and also keeping the photo cards we receive each year.  I always use Shutterfly for our Photo Christmas Cards.

Two years ago I began also making photo calendars to give as gifts.  They have beautiful wall and desk calendars that are easy to make and you can also add in special dates/birthdays for your family members.  I do this for my Mammaw & Pappaw and have also started for Gran'ts Nan and our parents.  I am in the process of making those now and I love that Shuttefly lets you save your projects so I can work on them whenever I get a free moment.

If you're looking for a special gift or for photo Christmas cards I highly recommend that you check out Shutterfly.  (Here's a link to their special offers page)

*This post is sponsored by Shutterfly but all opinions are my own.

Oct 9, 2012

Sending Love to the Turners

I was so shocked and saddened for Julee when I heard of the loss of her husband, Matt.  I have never met Julee but I have followed her blog for a couple years now.  I am lifting them up in prayer as they deal with this devastating heartbreak.  I can't imagine what she is going through.  I know that her faith in God and her family and friends will help her through this time.  Please join me in remembering them.

Jun 1, 2012

Living Room Redo

I've been wanting to lighten our living room up recently.  When I saw there was a home sale going on at Target and there were just the right color blue accents I went for it!  Our rug has the rust color of our sofa and also some blue in it as well.  I wanted to pull that blue out so we got two curtain panels and three new pillows and I love the new look.


May 14, 2012

Mother's Day at the Plantation House

This year my father-in-law, Billy, treated us to lunch at the Plantation House for a wonderful buffet dinner.  The home is gorgeous and the food was really great, too.  We had time to pose for some pictures after our lunch.
 Here's our whole group!

This little guy keeps everyone laughing!  Nan was probably trying to get his belly.  

Our family on my second Mother's Day.  Can you tell that this little guy keeps us on our toes?

Mar 22, 2012

Ice Cream

Sometimes when you're feeling bad all you need is a little ice cream.

This is Good!

I AM looking at you.

I know... I really am the cutest thing ever!

DIY School Yearbooks

I was so happy when Shutterfly contacted me* about a new product they are offering.  They now have Photo Yearbooks available on their website.  I absolutely love creating Shuttefly photo books and using their website to create our Christmas cards.  They have the best quality and using their website to create photo books is so easy.  I love that the designs are customizable all the way down to the font and size of the font.  I hate when the default font is tiny! 

As I was looking on the website I was so excited to see a colorful, graphic yearbook option.  It seems like the local school's yearbooks are always drab and inlclude more black and white than color photos.  And I never see any cool graphics.  The examples also showed where children's artwork had been uploaded and published.  That's revolutionary!  I think this is such a neat idea for a parent or teacher to do.  I can definitely see myself doing this for Vince.  I may start now since he loves to color!  If not now then it would be great to start even for Pre-K. 

I may put this idea into action for his baby book.  I have several pieces of newspaper articles and a first haircut certificate.  Those things are sweet and sentimental but I'd rather not store them from now on.  I could take a picture or scan them and then upload it to a photo book.  I LOVE this idea!  Thank you, Shutterfly.  You are always inspring!

How would you use a Shutterfly year book?  Have you ever put children's artwork or newspaper clippings into a photo book? 

You can follow Shutterfly and get lots of inspiration from them here:
 · Twitter:!/Shutterfly
 · Pinterest:

*This is a sponsored post. I was contacted by Shutterfly to promote their yearbooks. I have used Shutterfly for years and have always loved their products.

Mar 5, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 03.05.2012

Hi everybody!  I'm linking up today with I'm an Organizing Junkie for Meal Plan Monday.  Here's what our week looks like:

I start two new classes this week.  My schedule will be Monday and Thursday nights for this bi-term.  I used to grocery shop on Monday afternoons but that won't be possible with this schedule.  I'll need to get home ASAP to get supper started.  I may push back to Tuesday afternoons when we don't have a 6:30 deadline for me to be focused on class.  I will see how it works.  I usually try and avoid going on the weekends because it seems like I am much quicker when I go after work and have a deadline to get home and get cooking!

Feb 28, 2012

Bake Sale for Backpacks

My sister Brooke and I have the AWESOME privilege of teaching our church's high school girls Sunday School class.  These girls have such a heart for Jesus, each other, their fellow students, and their community.  They put their faith into action last Saturday as they donated $912 to our 4-H backpack program.  Five of the girls even took the "Penguin Plunge" on a freezing cold day.  The money they collected during their bake sale will be given for students in our community to take home a backpack of food each weekend.  Each student's backpack costs $100 for the year.  So they collected enough for 9 kids!  How amazing. 

Smell the Flowers

I received the sweetest bouquet of flowers yesterday!

Feb 27, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 02.27.2012

I'm linking up with I'm an Organizing Junkie for this week's menu planning. 

And just like I promised, here is my custom grocery list. 

Every week I go through and write down my meal plan in the top form.  I list everything we could possibly eat or need for each meal.  So even though it  seems silly to write down cereal every single day, it helps me assess what I need to be buying.  This week I actually did my meal plan on a notepad and did shopping that way.  So my above computer version only left the roast in my "to buy" section.  I am a vegetarian and hubby won't let me buy the meat.  I am somewhat unsure in that department :)
After I've made my plan I fill in my grocery list and cross the item off my "to buy" section.  I've arranged the list in the same format as my local Kroger store.  I assume it is probably pretty close for most stores.  This keeps me from overlooking items because I am following my list and going through the store in the same way.  I hope this gives you a good idea of how I menu plan and make my grocery list.  I'm still perfecting my method, but I am so much more efficient and effective compared to two months ago!  Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd be interested in me sending you a copy of my list. 

Come back next week and I'll tell you how I grocery shop!


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